I try to be passionate about everything I do, otherwise, I don’t do it.  


 I love image and I really love photography, and the entire process of it. Not simply the moment of witnessing the perfect shot, but the slow, enduring processes that follow this special moment. This is why I am most passionate about analog photography and video. Even though it requires more work and more money, it sparks something unique that I don’t find easily with digital cameras, although I also do some digital projects when it’s needed. Nevertheless, after a few years, I have a very high ending workflow with film, that for me, brings the best quality possible to achieve on this beautiful planet.


I started with photography when I was 12, then in 2011, while living in New York, this passion of mine became my main job, working professionally for private clients and magazines.

I was born in Chile and i have lived in Brazil, Argentina, USA, Lithuania and Canada, and since 2014, I have been based in Berlin, Germany.


I would love to hear from you and hear about new meaningful projects to work for.


B Love,


Cristobal Rey